Educational Consultancy

We conduct school reviews on various aspects of School performance and give training and guidance to School Leadership Team.

1) Performance Management –

Student Performance and Achievement –

We identify and measure performance of students and provide remedial measures.

  1. We Organize various committees, workshops, and conferences to promote social and intellectual welfare of the students

Teacher Performance

We monitor teacher’s performance and coach them to become great teachers and leaders.

  1. We evaluate the teacher performances and organize teacher training program that would deal with the new classroom procedures and teaching strategies
  2. We ensure that the teaching staff is working efficiently and recommend changes that could strengthen their teaching skills.

Leadership Performance

We guide Leaders to self -appraise themselves and move the school towards excellence.

  1. We help the leadership team to evaluate the assessment process used to measure the effectiveness of the curriculum and ensure that the program objectives are being met.
  2. We suggest necessary changes to ensure that the modifications are effectively implemented.
  3. We discuss various issues with the members of the educational committees and try to understand the basic problems and requirements and suggest solutions.

School Performance –

We help schools to Self Analyze themselves and work on guided parameters towards excellence and success.

  1. We undertake a proper research and provide recommendations for curriculum and materials for school systems.
  2. We develop instructional materials that are to be used by instructors and educators.
  3. We review school performance and help the institution to perform better.

2) Curriculum Management –

  1. We Link the grade syllabus to formulate a curriculum which caters to employability and needs of the 21st century Learners.
  2. We conduct a research for detecting the areas that need improvement.
  3. We advise the administrative and teaching staff about the curriculum development and use of material and equipment.

3) Infrastructure Safety and Security of Students-

Safety and security of the students is very crucial for any school.

  1. We identify areas of risk zones in the school, that could be high, medium and of low probabilities of accidents and provide solutions to overcome them.
  2. We check if students are trained for a situation of lockdown and fire drill.
  3. We ensure schools are making students aware about internet safety, cyber-crimes, drugs, alcohol etc.

4) Parental Engagement and involvement-

Parents are an important segment among school stakeholders. Their expectations and aspirations have to be met on priority.

Parent’s interest lies mainly in the safety and security of their child and the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom. They are also keen to ensure that the infrastructure of the school is as good as promised in the school prospectus. Parents need to be completely satisfied since they are the real investors. We believe that parents need to be on board so that their viewpoints are taken as important suggestions for the school progress.

  1. We monitor the involvement of parents in school activities.
  2. We encourage parental feedback for all matters concerning the child’s education and welfare.
  3. We motivate the management to involve parents in all aspects of making decisions which involves the child’s future.