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A Consortium for Educational Change

We are a dedicated team of educationists with more than thirty years of experience in education in India and abroad. We cater to the needs of students, teachers, parents and schools.

We as educational consultants are commited to empower schools in delivering relevant and effective education by shifting the paradigm from targeted teaching to targeted learning, and measuring the same with standardized international benchmarking.

We specialize in training and equipping teachers for handing the twenty first century learners using the latest teaching strategies and preparing  them  for leadership roles.”Read


EduPulz offers a range of services that will aid educational institutions to excell.

Educational Consultancy

We conduct school reviews on various aspects of School performance and give training and ...

Professional Development

The teaching profession now faces rapidly changing demands which requires a new set of competencies. Therefore ...

Career Guidance

We assist students in planning their future

  • Edupulz takes the initiative to ...

Counseling for Special Educational Needs children

We encourage teachers and parents to understand that being fair does not mean giving the same ...


We aspire to assist schools to apply high level of self -evaluation system which is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time- bound. These methods of monitoring the school performance with rigorous review will support school”Read

Students Progress, Achievement and Success

Student’s attainment as measured against approved and registered curriculum standards will be evaluated. The ...

Students Personal and Social Skills

It is anticipated that the personal  and social development and students’ innovation skills will ...

Curriculum Adaptation

The rationale, balance , Continuity and progression of the curriculum will be reviewed. Curricular ...

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The qualification experience and  subject knowledge of teachers will be reviewed. Teachers competency in ...

Risk Management and Care of Students

Care, welfare and safeguarding of students and arrangements to ensure health, safety and security ...

Leadership and Organization

Vision and direction of Educational leadership, their  relationship  and communication with all stake holders ...

Nationalism and Community Services

In this standard the reviewers will observe the level of nationalism that is promoted ...

Meet Our Team

Edupulz has a dedicated team of educationists with more than thirty years of experience in the line of education.
Dr. Piyush Tripathi

Director Quality Assurance

Dr. Piyush Tripathi, a D.Phil. in History and post graduate from Delhi University has a rich experience of 34 years in education of which he spent 27 years in the UAE

Mini Tripathi

Managing Director

Mini Tripathi has done her Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom

Mr. Vernon Shepherd

Risk Management Consultant

Mr. Vernon Shepherd has excelled in Risk management consultant safety and security of the students. Being a dynamic sportsman who has trained students in....

Aakriti Sharma

Behaviour Analyst

Dr. Usha Misra is a Ph.D. from Lucknow University in Psychology. She is a counselor for parents, students and teachers. She deals with the anxiety, depression, addiction

Dr. Usha Misra

Special Educationist

Aakar Tripathi is a computer Engineer by profession with an eye for creativity and innovation in technology and education. He feels that the new research conducted

Aakar Innovation


Aakar Tripathi is a computer Engineer by profession with an eye for creativity and innovation in technology and education. He feels that the new research conducted


Creative Art Consultant

Ashish Baran Misra has been engaged in art and art education for the last 40 years.

Shivani Barthwal

Environment Consultant

Dr. Shivani Barthwal holds a PhD in Wildlife. Her desire lies in creating an environmentally responsible society. She has trained teachers and community on



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